Biomass FAQ's

What Incentives are Available?

Most grant schemes have come to and end as they have been replaced with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). However Rural Energy are now forming partnerships with various finance companies that have specialist renewable energy packages.

The Renewable Energy Association are also able to advise clients on the most appropriate sources of funding and complete applications as required.

Is Burning Biomass Carbon Neutral?

Burning wood and other biomass as fuel is classed as carbon neutral; plants and trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when they are growing, and release the same amount when they burn or decompose naturally on the forest floor.

Facility Types Suitable for Biomass Systems:

How is Fuel Delivered?

Wood chip and wood pellet for commercial heating systems is supplied through our associate company English Wood Fuels. Bulk delivery of 6mm pellets is carried out by purpose built pneumatic lorries operated by English Wood Fuels. We can also supply 10kg bagged brites pellets.

HexEnergy Ltd can be contacted for all enquiries for Biomass Boilers at or by calling 01455 203450. Our Biomass Boilers case studies can be viewed by clicking here.

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