Biomass Fuel Storage

Biomass Pellet Storage

Often, large biomass installations are planned as part of the construction of a new building. In such cases both the biomass boiler and the fuel store may be integrated into the structure.

Above Ground Biomass Fuel Storage

Whenever an above ground biomass fuel storage installation is planned the intended sources of fuel should always be included in the planning and the equipment specified accordingly.

Biomass is a low energy density fuel, and a large volume must be stored on site if unacceptable frequency of deliveries is to be avoided, and sufficient reserve safety margin maintained. An optimum storage calculation may be required to work out the required storage tank volume in cubic meters.

It is ideal to have a suitable area, sufficiently close to the intended site of the biomass boiler equipment to avoid an unacceptably long fuel feed, creating increased risk of blockages or difficulties, and also accessible to the intended delivery vehicles.

Below Ground Biomass Fuel Chip Storage

A number of clients find that their site often has constricted space, and a below ground chip store is ideal to suit their needs.

A primary concern when using wood chip is using an underground storage system for ease of delivery.

The head room for a tipping vehicle is crucial when planning the store's positioning. When installing this, the design of the lid (lift or slide) must be considered carefully.

The visual impact of a Below Ground Biomass Fuel Chip Storage system is very reduced and should be designed in from the start in locations where space is at a premium or where space can be optimised.

As you can see with the images there are "below ground" and "semi submersed options".

Biomass Fuel Delivery

Delivery is primarily an access issue where the type of delivery vehicle required to gain access may need some thought, but it may also be linked to fuel type and how it will be delivered. Pellets can be blown into store from up to 12 metres away, whilst wood chip is usually tipped and conveyed or delivered in prefilled containers.



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