Biomass Heating Case Studies

Biomass Boiler System 13kW to 45 kW

Commercial Biomass System Supported By Commercial RHI

HexEnergy Ltd have recently competed a project where a commercial Biomass Boiler system was installed as a complete heating and hot water solution. This technology chosen was a HERZ Firematic BioControl 45 modulating from 13.1kW to 45kW. The Biomass system burns wood chip which is a bi-product of the plant owners coppicing of their own land and using a drying timer before chipping it. The system is then bulk fed with wood chips which are drawn into the plant room via a Spring Agitator and Auger. This is a perfect system all in one energy sourced solution with the potential for fuel to be sourced within the own boundary of the customers location.

Biomass Boiler Wood Pellet System

The system is backed up by a Vaillant ecoTEC 656 wall mounted NG fired condensing gas boiler which feeds into a buffer tank. The system serves a 9 unit industrial park delivering heat to the underfloor heating in each unit via an underground district heating system forming a loop around the car park. The customer has benefited from the Commercial RHI scheme providing a saving for the customer using their own fuel against gas/oil or electric heating The Biomass Boiler system also allows for the selling heat on to tenants on the site and significant reductions in Co2 emissions.

District Heating Biomass Boiler Scheme

District Heating Biomass Boiler Scheme

HexEnergy Ltd have completed our first District Heating Scheme on an industrial project in Warwickshire, and are in the process of installing the flat-stations to interact between the district heating and the individual units.

The heating system is powered by a bio-mass boiler system supplied by Rural Energy and installed by HexEnergy Ltd with a backup gas boiler if required. Wood Chip will be provided by the developer from his locally resourced coppiced trees.

HexEnergy Ltd can be contacted for all enquiries for Biomass Boilers at or by calling 01455 203450. Our Biomass Boilers range can be viewed by clicking here.