Biomass Installations

We have found through experience that each industry has its own particular needs. We tailor our approach and the application of the technology to meet those needs. With our unrivalled experience and technical expertise, we can provide design, installation and maintenance of biomass boilers, as well as advice for end user customers on fuel supply and maintenance issues. HexEnergy Ltd are able to provide design and support for all stages of the supply chain.

Consultants, Contractors & Designers

Whether you are a consultant, contractor or a designer, we can provide you with the services that you need. Having worked with the supply chain for nearly 10 years we have a clear understanding of clients needs, we can help with all phases of the project cycle:

Commercial, Industrial & Local Authority

From schools and colleges to business parks, factories and conference centres, we offer much more than the simple installation of a biomass boiler. Our unique combination of experience and skills in the design and installation of biomass heating systems is supported by a first class product range. We can use this expertise and technology to help you to reduce your energy bills or help you to meet your Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). Our team of experienced engineers are there to provide you with the services including:

Rural Estates & Agriculture

The advantages for a rural biomass heating project can often include utilisation of existing local fuel resources such as local tree surgeons, low value local woodland residues and timber off cuts from local wood-working factories. We can provide advice on all aspects of the wood fuel supply chain as well as providing a turnkey service from planning and design, to supply of the boiler, installation of fuel handling and feed system and construction of boiler house and fuel store as required.

Domestic Installations

HexEnergy Ltd have spent many years establishing a range of boilers that will operate efficiently in the UK climate. Efficiency being the key to minimal fuel use, minimal emissions and minimal ash waste for disposal. Although biomass heating is not a simple replacement to fossil fuel heating, the steps needed and costs involved are straightforward if guided by an experienced biomass specialist.

With the acceptance that burning wood for heating as an alternative to fossil fuels is environmentally better (almost zero carbon and a renewable source), there has been a surge of interest in biomass heating for domestic use.

Our range stretches from a 10kW capacity pellet boiler, which could provide heating for an individual domestic property, to 10,000kW boilers capable of providing heat for hundreds of houses within a district housing scheme. If you would like more information on how we can help with your domestic installation then please contact us.

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