Case Studies

HexEnergy Ltd Case Studies

4 Bedroom Detached House

The occupiers of this 4 bedroom detached house situated near Rugby, Warwickshire decided it was time for a change with their heating system. They wanted a more cost effective way of heating their house. The solution they were given was to integrate a ground source heat pump into the properties underfloor heating system that was already present.

4 Bedroom Detached House Case Study

"We chose to go with HexEnergy Ltd as they are a local company that are professional and helpful"

The main feature of this project is the ground source heat pump that was installed.

Danfoss DHPH Opti Pro 12kw

Described as "A heat pump which provides an unbeatable level of comfort".

It was installed into the house with the intentions to be integrated into their underfloor heating system. The main positive of using these products is that they will able to make bigger heat and cost savings.

Jeff Edwards Case Study

Some of the benefits from installing this Danfoss Heat Pump are;

  • It has speed control, meaning you can continually adjust the settings depending on the conditions
  • It uses maximum efficiency and minimum energy all the time
  • The high annual efficiency of this heat pump means you can reduce you heating cost by 75%
  • Hot water can be produced faster and at a higher temperature then most traditional heating systems

The client from this property described the process of working with HexEnergy Ltd as 'Excellent'. They said they were happy they chose to work with HexEnergy Ltd. Overall they also rated 5/5 for our service.

Commercial Building In Norfolk

This large commercial building in Norfolk wanted to take their business to the next level. Being in the environmental sector they were exploring ways to heat their facilities without damaging the environment, by doing this it would also allow them to save some money. The land around the building has lots of lakes and water therefore the best solution for them was to install a water sourced heat pump.

Commercial Pensthorpe Case Study

The main feature of this project is the water sourced heat pump that was installed.

CIAT 600V 3 phase heat pump

  • Uses an environmentally friendly, non-ozone-depleting refrigerant
  • Very low sound level, no vibrations
  • Easy installation: small enough to fit against a wall
  • Unit tested in factory and delivered ready for use
  • Hydraulic and refrigerant connections located at top of the unit for quick installation regardless of the layout of the plant room
  • Easy maintenance: clearly-labelled information and easily-detachable panels provide access to all internal components
  • A solution that offers excellent comfort and energy savings, and is environmentally friendly
CIAT 600V 3 phase heat pump

This is a picture of the power panel behind the Ciat heat pump and shows the insulated collector pipework and heating pipework.

CIAT 600V 3 phase heat pump

This is a picture of the two back-up boilers designed to come into operation if either the load exceeds the heat pump capacity or the heat pump stops.

Retirement Home Has A Danfoss Ground Source Heat Pump Fitted

HexEnergy Ltd have recently competed a project where a 8kW Danfoss Ground Source Heat Pump was installed as a complete heating and hot water solution for a two bed detached house in a remote farmers field. Our customer is a Shropshire farmer who has built a house for his parents to live in on their retirement.

Retirement Home Case Study

With 400m of collector the Ground Source Heat Pump system will deliver heating and hot water running costs well under 1000.00 a year. Heating is delivered via an underfloor heating the system promises to deliver efficiencies which make the nearest comparison fuels of oil and bottled gas incomparable.

Ferrybridge Power Station Air Source Heat Pumps

HexEnergy Ltd recently installed two Daikin Altherma 14kW Low Temperature Air Source Heat Pumps at Ferrybridge Power Station. This is an ideal heat pump in cold weather, the Daikin Altherma LT Split has exceptional frost protection, so it ?s guaranteed to perform in severe weather down to -25°C.

Ferrybridge Power Station Case Study

Benefits for the new Daikin Altherma low temperature heat pump include advanced technology offers both high savings and a comfortable room temperature. How? By matching capacity with requirements, using the most energy-efficient components, and managing performance with intelligent controls. Building a new house? Improving the energy efficiency of your existing home? The Daikin Altherma system is the ideal solution. It consolidates heating, cooling and domestic hot water in one system, providing maximum comfort all year round.

If you ?re looking for an all-in-one solution, Daikin Altherma has the answer. The indoor floor-standing unit combines heating and cooling with domestic hot water heating. The compact unit has a small footprint, but it offers big benefits. The Daikin Altherma system includes simple levels of control, with features such as advanced energy management. Yet the large display panel has been designed for the user. You ?ll find it easy to understand and simple to operate.

35 Year Old Heat Pump Replacement

HexEnergy Ltd have replaced a working 35 year old heat pump with a new one to gain from better performance. The old unit was a predecessor to the Danfoss units now on the market.

35 Year Old Heat Pump Replacement

It has been replaced with the latest heat pump on the market which is a Danfoss 12kW Opti-Pro. This type of heat pump uses the existing collector loop to produce abundant hot water at 60°C and heating at 22°C to serve the large domestic radiator fed property in Warwickshire,. The photograph illustrate how new heat pumps are both compact and efficient compared to the old unit. The original Heat Pump was a Thermia JBC400M and dated from about 1977.

16KW Ground Source Heat Pump In Newark

HexEnergy Ltd are currently doing the ground works for a 16kW Danfoss install near Newark Notts. Using a trenching machine to create a 1m deep hole in the ground the system is laid in record time with the minimum of disruption.

16KW Ground Source Heat Pump In Newark

The collector field is a normal paddock which is trenched over its full length to provide 16kW of heat for the property. The end of each pipe run is accessed via a jointing pit where the pipes are electro fused to ensure a sound joint.

University Of Leicester In Partnership For Heat Pump Innovation

HexEnergy Ltd and the University of Leicester are working on a collaborative project and Innovation Partnership - The project aim is to advise HexEnergy Ltd on the effectiveness of different system options for heat pump installations.

University Of Leicester In Partnership For Heat Pump Innovation

Objectives include:

Objective 1 - Focussing on the collector loop, monitor the system performance at two (possibly three) installations, to determine the configuration that provides the largest opportunity for heat collection for the lowest electrical energy expense of the re-circulating anti-freeze pump.

Objective 2 - Determine the time-averaged Coefficient of Performance of the system and evaluate the impact of changing the collector configuration on the by system modelling.

Objective 3 - By including appropriate energy forecast costs, produce projections of the Return on Investment (RoI) for different configurations, qualified by appropriate uncertainty bands that reflect the volatility of the energy supply cost and of the changes of the average heat delivered due, for instance, to a change in the client ?s lifestyle.

Domestic Ground Source Rosemore House

We at HexEnergy Ltd feel that this particular project was our masterpiece in promoting both our service and the heat pump industry in general. The customer was deeply sceptical about the viability of heat pump technology, having been made aware of a local heat pump installation which had been badly installed and extremely expensive to run. Added to which the builder had no previous experience of heat pumps and as a traditional builder was sceptical of new technology.

Domestic Ground Source Rosemore House

HexEnergy Ltd were thus required to provide three similar sized reference sites for the customer to visit before they would even consider a heat pump solution. Having visited these sites the customer remained sceptical, unsure and very concerned about both the running cost of heat pumps and the ability of a heat pump to heat a large property and provide hot water by collecting energy from the ground.

Only on the promise of Richard Walkden, the Managing Director to provide the customers wife with a fur coat if the heating was not sufficient to keep her warm was negotiations able to begin.

The customer required 792m of internal heating area at 210C and water heating based on a cloak room, kitchen and utility downstairs, five bedrooms and four en-suite ?s and a third floor kitchenette 500l of. Occupation was assumed to be based on five occupants using 50l each and allowing for at least two guests also using 50L each. As an active family there was a large requirement for hot water for washing machines and dish washers.

The timescales were to fit into the build program over the following 8 months and were perceived to not be at issue.

HexEnergy Ltd ?s MCS accreditation was significant in assuring the customer that the installation would be financially secure, designed properly, installed properly and supported after the installation.

The customer was insistent that one company take ownership of the heating from collection to delivery and HexEnergy Ltd were able to provide this service by providing the underfloor heating and ground loop system.

The Willows


When the Hon MP for North West Warwickshire, Andrew Bridgen commissioned a new-build home, he was keen to utilise a renewable energy system that would reduce his carbon footprint and lower his energy bills.

The Willows

The property was designed and built by Bridges Developments of Derbyshire, who specialise in low carbon properties and Managing Director John Bridges says: "There were a range of challenges on this project, in particular the issue of achieving a high level of energy efficiency within a realistic budget. This involved a complete redesign of the original plan and we decided upon an innovative technique which used an insulated concrete form construction. This is a cost effective method of achieving a very high level of thermal efficiency.

Because of the high level of air tightness achieved by the concrete walls, HexEnergy Ltd was able to specify a 16kW heat pump, which is smaller than would usually be required for a new build property of this size and therefore uses less electricity".

HexEnergy Ltd MD, Richard Walkden explains: "We were able to provide a highly cost effective solution for heating and hot water. This was achieved by using our bespoke design for the ground loop collector system which does not require a collector manifold".

New Build Near Melton Mowbray

When John and Sue Mackley planned a new build home for their retirement, they were determined to ensure that the heating system would be environmentally friendly and economic to run.

New Build Near Melton Mowbray

After several years of research on all aspects of the project, the couple commissioned their architect to design a five-bedroom house on their idyllic plot close to the village of Hose, near Melton Mowbray. Although the site is on mains gas, John and Sue were keen to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and so decided to install a ground source heat pump.

Underfloor Heating & Ground Source Heat Pump

HexEnergy Ltd have just completed a renewable energy project for a domestic installation on a Barn Renovation. The project involved a number of renewable energy items including a Danfoss Ground Source Heat Pump, Underfloor Heating and Engineered Wood Construction for internal fixings. The underfloor heating around the property covered all floors and the heat pump provides both hot water and heating.

Underfloor Heating & Ground Source Heat Pump

The customer Colin Parker has provided the following feedback: "Now that we have successfully completed the installation of both the ground source heat pump and underfloor heat, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all at HexEnergy Ltd for providing a professional service and excellent product knowledge base. The installation team really excelled in their commitment to the job in hand, At times offering their expertise in guidance and actually appearing to enjoy and take pride in what they did. I would have no issues recommending HexEnergy Ltd in any project one would wish to undertake, I am confident that the continuing success of the company is well and truly assured."

Underfloor Heating & Ground Source Heat Pump In Leicester

An installation of connective pipe work to 1st floor radiator system for a heat pump and underfloor heating system in Leicester. The underfloor heating pipe work is done in red and white indicating flow and returns.

Underfloor Heating & Ground Source Heat Pump In Leicester

The radiator system is served by a bespoke low loss header underfloor heating manifold which allows full flow to each radiator, controls flow and provides isolation valves if required. The ground source heat pump was a 12kW Danfoss heat pump unit.