Ground Source Heat Pumps

How Ground Source Heat Pumps Work

Ground source heat humps work by circulating a mixture of water and antifreeze through a ground loop buried one metre deep into the ground. Energy from the ground is absorbed into the liquid and is then pumped through a heat exchanger in the heat pump.

This low grade heat passes through a compressor and is concentrated into a higher temperature sufficient to heat water for household heating and hot water supplies. The liquid in the ground loop, now cooler, circulates back into the ground and the process is repeated, providing a continuous collection of energy and constant heat as required.

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HexEnergy Ltd is the leading installer of Ground Source Heat Pumps in Central UK

The Managing Director of HexEnergy Ltd is also a founder member of the Ground Source Heat Pumps Association. We remain at the forefront of a rapidly expanding market for Ground source heat pumps partly due to the increasing economic attractiveness in the face of price rises in conventional fuels, but also because of regulatory drivers such as 'Part L' of the Building Regulations. Ground Source Heat Pump Heating & Hot Water Systems.

With escalating fuel costs and diminishing resources, ground source heat pumps are able to provide cost effective alternative systems with negligible maintenance. Ground source heat pumps are one of the fastest growing applications of renewable and sustainable energy in the world. Our complete heat pump product range includes the finest manufacturers in this industry including:

Ground source heat pumps can be designed and incorporated into a project in a variety of ways dependant on geographical, topographical and geological conditions to collect heat from horizontal or vertical loop systems, including sufficiently sized bodies of water. Our ground source heat pumps are accredited under government backed grant schemes and the Company is accredited to the Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

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Ground Source Heat Pump Technical Data Sheets

HexEnergy Ltd are accredited by Danfoss Heat Pumps for the installation of both commercial and domestic applications.

Thermal Regions in the Ground

The ground offers an excellent resource to incorporate ground source heat pumps into systems for heating and cooling of buildings. The ground temperature in the UK can generally be defined into three distinct regions. Firstly, there is a variable temperature region for the first 4m of ground, which will vary depending on the season.

The next 100m or so is constant throughout the year due to the large thermal mass of the ground and from around 100m and below the ground temperature warms due to radioactive decay effects. Ground source heat pumps are usually designed to use the thermal resource found in the first two regions.

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HexEnergy Ltd can offer ground source heat pump solutions to both domestic and commercial sectors. Our team has an extensive experience of systems, from 4kW to 200kW and beyond. We offer a complete solution, from handling your enquiry to installing and commissioning your ground source heat pump into your home or premises, with our own skilled team of sales consultants, technical support engineers and installers.

Commercial customers will have the support of our project management team to ensure that the ground source heat pump element of their project is delivered on time. By working with the UK's major construction companies we have gained wide-ranging experience, working on a variety of projects including schools, factories, residential care homes, student accommodation and visitor centres.

Ground source heat pumps offer financial savings over conventional heating methods and our professional design service will ensure that you get the maximum benefit for your building. Ground source heat pumps will significantly save on carbon emissions compared with all other fossil fuels.

Our strength is our reputation in providing professionally designed sustainable energy solutions utilising ground source heat pumps whilst meeting customer energy efficiency needs.

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