Heat Pumps & Underfloor Heating

We now spend an increased amount of time indoors. This time is spent in our homes, offices, shops, schools, restaurants and other public places. In these places we rarely see radiators the architects and designers responsible for them have chosen, more often than not, to use underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is not a new concept it was first used by the Romans.

They understood the benefits of invisible radiant heating. In some European countries it accounts for 70% of new heating installations. Today more and more of us are choosing to either build our own home or improve our existing homes. If the plans for your project include underfloor heating then this site is for you. A common installation on a renovation or new build involves a combination of renewable technologies. In this case we can offer both Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating for a hot water and heating solution.

Typical CAD example of low carbon solution for larger properties, using Underfloor Heating and an Air Source Heat Pump to provide underfloor heating and hot water heating.

Heat Pump Underfloor Heating

Here at HexEnergy Ltd we strip away the mystery and high prices that often prevent homeowners and developers from specifying underfloor heating. At HexEnergy Ltd you can find why more and more people are choosing underfloor to heat their homes and if it is suitable for yours. We provide a complete package with all components included, ready to install. All our equipment is manufactured and tested in Europe to European standards.

Full certification is available. We take our business and your project seriously, which is why we offer after sales support to all of our customers. To find out more about design and CAD services please post, fax or email plans for a free quotation. Please email your enquiry or building plans here.

For more information on Heat Pumps you can visit our heat pumps section which offers a wide range of information on manufacturers and also the various heat pump options for your project.

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