Heat Pumps in Lincoln

Lincoln Heat Pumps

We are centrally based in Leicester. Our company supplies heat pumps to the Lincoln District including:

Heat Pump Installation in Lincoln

Heat Pump technology involves equipment which transfers energy (heat) from one location (an open space) to another (a heat sink). Heat pump technology uses the refrigeration process (is applied by transferring) and transfers low temperature energy to a refrigeration loop, compresses the gases (heat) to a high temperature and transfers this heat to the hot water and heating distribution system (device called a heat sink). No matter how large or small the building, we will have a heat pump system to meet your needs.

HexEnergy Ltd Contact Details - Lincoln

If you require heat pumps in Lincoln, please contact HexEnergy Ltd using the online enquiry form, or by calling 02476 999382 or sending an email to info@hexenergy.co.uk

HexEnergy Ltd , Unit 5, Hope & Aldridge Business Park,
Nuneaton,, Warwickshire,, CV10 0HF

If you are based in Lincoln and you require further information about Heat Pumps in Lincoln, please visit our Heat Pump pages.