Heat Pumps Designed Specifically for the UK

As a leading Heat Pump installer in the UK HexEnergy Ltd have formed a partnership with Heat Pump manufacturer Lailey & Coates. Specifically focused on the UK market Lailey & Coates was founded with the single aim of producing heat pumps specifically designed for British Homes and the British Climate.

Offering a range of Air Source Heat Pumps producing 7kW, 9kW, 12kW & 15kW supported by strong Cop (Coefficient Of Performance) we believe that split systems provide the optimum solution for UK homes and the British Climate. With a split design a number of the more sensitive components are housed in a separate unit inside the home. This protects them from the elements and increases the product life.

Heat Pumps Designed Specifically for the UK


With split systems there is no need for any water to be used in the outside unit as the heat is transferred to the inside unit using a non-water based transfer fluid. This reduces the risk of the unit freezing in winter conditions.

Transmission energy losses in the pipes bringing the heat into the home are also much lower, increasing the overall system efficiency and allowing more flexible unit positioning as it is less critical that the unit is placed very close to the entry point into the home (with the Lailey & Coates heat pump the outdoor unit can be placed up to 20m from the indoor unit).

Servicing costs are lower because there is no need to change the anti-freeze annually as is required with mono-bloc systems. For more information please contact HexEnergy Ltd for Air Source Heat Pumps by calling 01455 203450