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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump technology involves equipment which transfers thermal energy from one location to another using the refrigeration process in exactly the same way a standard domestic fridge freezer does. Energy is transferred from a warm body, i.e. the ground or water, to a refrigeration loop inside the heat pump. The refrigeration loop has a compressor, expansion valve and heat exchangers to complete the energy transfer process. The end result is production of warm water which provides the domestic hot water and heating distribution system within the property. The same equipment can be used in reverse to provide cooling or in fact a heat pump can be configured to provide heating and cooling at the same time, thereby increasing the system versatility and maximising the efficiency of a well designed heat pump system. No matter how large or small the building, we will have a heat pump system to meet your needs. HexEnergy Ltd offer a range of Heat Pumps including:

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps as the name suggests, use the ambient air as the energy source. Either refrigerant or thermal transfer fluid is passed through a heat exchanger over which air is forced by the system fan. The basic components of the heat pump system are virtually identical to a GSHP with the exception of the energy source which is air as opposed to the ground or a body of water.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps can be designed and incorporated into a project in a variety of ways dependant on geographical, topographical and geological conditions. A ground source heat pump system does not use ambient air as the energy source and can be connected to a number of alternative energy sources which are all considered to be “Ground Source”. Ground source system all use a closed loop circulating system which passes thermal transfer fluid through a series of pipes within the ground. These alternative energy sources include vertical closed loop boreholes, thermal piles, horizontal collectors, lake or pond collectors and also water abstraction boreholes with intermediate heat exchangers within the heat pump system. In fact, generally, a heat pump which uses thermal transfer fluid including anti-freeze is a GSHP, whether the source is from a borehole, horizontal array, lake or pond etc.

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps pass water directly from a source through the heat pump without the thermal transfer fluid and intermediate heat exchangers. The typical energy source for water source heat pumps are abstraction boreholes, rivers, lakes or the sea. Water source heat pumps require careful design taking in to consideration the source temperatures throughout the year and where the spent water is discharged to and any regulatory requirements.

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Heat Pump Product Range

HexEnergy Ltd offer a range of heat pump products, Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Commercial Heat Pumps & Heat Pump Water Tanks.

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How do Heat Pumps Work?

1 Brine* circulates in a collector coil and draws low temperature energy from the ground, air, bedrock or water.

2 At the heat exchanger (evaporator) the tepid brine in the collector coil meets the ice-cold refrigerant** in the heat pump which is then heated a few degrees and converted to a gas.

3 In the compressor, the pressure is increased thereby raising the temperature of the refrigereant. The heat that is then generated is transferred via a heat exchanger (condenser) to your home ?s heating system.

4 Via the condenser, the refrigerant releases the heat to the heating system of your home. In connection with this the refrigerant is cooled.

5 The refrigerant circulates and an expansion valve lowers the pressure and the refrigerant becomes cold again. The process begins again when the refrigerant meets the tepid brine from the collector coil.

* The brine is a mixture that cannot freeze, for example alcohol or glycol.

** Modern environmentally sound refrigerants are used e.g. hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide.

How Heat Pumps Work

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