Types of Underfloor Heating

Types Of Underfloor Heating

Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

Choose the floor heating that suits you! Natural, comfortable warmth with underfloor heating you can heat your home in many different ways. However if you want comfortable, almost natural warmth in your home, choose underfloor heating.

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Underfloor Heating as Main Heating

Do you still have complete freedom to choose your source of heating? Then choose floor heating as your only source of heat. Radiators or other types of heating are unnecessary. Your floor already provides the required heating capacity and with the right adjustment of your clock thermostat, every room will have precisely the desired temperature at any given moment.

Underfloor Heating as Additional Heating

Is your proposed floor finish to be natural stone or quarry tiles? If you only have central heating, the cold stones may make you feel that the entire room is cold. If you use additional heating, you will be able to enjoy a warm floor temperature too.

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