Underfloor Cooling

Underfloor Cooling Manifold

HexEnergy Ltd offer a complete underfloor cooling system which will work either as a stand-alone system or as an integrated heating and cooling system in one. This technology allows for a dual management system to offer cooling and heating at the same time within the same manifold system.

Underfloor Cooling Benefits

Compared with traditional air conditioning, our underfloor cooling systems provide a higher level of comfort cooling effect with no draughts, high air speeds or cold spots. All round this represents a managed climate control heating and cooling system . A major benefit and impact is that it will utilise lower levels of energy compared to a traditional climate control system. If you are considering underfloor heating then the addition of a cooling element as an integrated system is only one step away leading to lower installation, energy, capital and lower running costs.

Underfloor Cooling Principles

Because it uses the same principles which make underfloor heating the most comfortable heating solution, underfloor cooling also offers the same benefits. Thermal energy, heating or cooling, will always be perfectly distributed around your rooms, with no more annoying draughts, noisy fans, or dust deposits. Your heating and cooling system will also be totally invisible.

Underfloor Cooling

Underfloor Cooling in the Summer

During the summer, water temperature is regulated by electronic controllers to maintain a constant value of 15°C to 20°C. This drastically reduces the power needed by chillers or air conditioning units, which can therefore be a lot smaller than those required for conventional fan convector air conditioning systems. Changes in humidity which can lead to condensation are controlled by dehumidifiers which are an integral part of the system. Condensation starts when the dewpoint is reached, because of an imbalance between the required internal temperature and the ambient outdoor temperature.

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