Underfloor Heating - A Technical Overview

Guidelines for Installation of Underfloor Heating

A heating zone is part of a building with its own independent heating controls. Having underfloor heating with water filled pipes means that every heated room has at least one pipe circuit to heat it (larger rooms can have more than one circuit).

Each circuit is connected to a manifold and can be switched on and off by means of a small electrical valve on the manifold (called an electrothermic valve).

This means that every room can be controlled separately, each room is a zone with its own zone controls. The HexEnergy Ltd controls range includes a wide selection of thermostats to control temperature from simple dial operated types, electronic touchscreen versions to programmable thermostats which combine time and temperature control.

Many of the thermostats also have remote sensor options enabling them to be used safely to control bathrooms.

Wiring Centres

The zone controls range also has two purpose designed wired wiring centres for operation on either 230V and 24V operation. Specifically designed for the UK market, these offer a central point where the mains supply, time controls, thermostats and electrothermic heads can all be connected together. The wiring centres also have a number of additional features:

Weather compensating Controls

Because underfloor heating operates at a low floor temperature, usually between 30°C to 50°C, unless a low temperature heat source is used, the water temperature is mixed to reduce the water temperature to the right level.

Wireless Zone Underfloor Heating Control

Weather compensating controls allow the water to be reduced to this lower level but also varied within a suitable range to suit the outside weather conditions. For example, when it is cold outside the water is allowed to rise to the maximum permitted temperature for the floor system; when it is warmer outside the water temperature is reduced to a lower level to satisfy the reduced needs of the system.

This means that the system both feels more comfortable and is also more economical as the heat source is used less to meet the lower water temperature in milder parts of the winter.

Electrothermic heads

An electrothermic head is the means of controlling the water flow through a manifold. They are always wired. They are designed to fit onto the valves which are built into T2 and T3 manifolds and are available for both 230V and 24V operation. They can also be supplied complete with an auxiliary switch (four wire) version to operate additional equipment or provide electrical interlock.

Wireless Zone Underfloor Heating Control

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