Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

What will Underfloor Heating bring you? - A Lower Energy Bill

Floor heating is particularly energy-saving. It goes without saying that an air temperature that is a few degrees lower already has a positive effect on your energy bill. This even distribution of temperature and the lower water temperature will increase your energy efficiency, saving you up to 15% on your bills compared to other heating systems! All this without having to lose any comfort at all.

Complete Freedom of Design

What will Underfloor Heating bring you? - Complete Freedom of Design

The entire heating installation is concealed in the floor. You do not have to bother with inconvenient radiators and so you are completely free to design the room just as you like.


What will Underfloor Heating bring you? - Better Health

Airborne dust is also a thing of the past now because the air circulation associated with floor heating is minimal. No radiators means considerably fewer dust traps and the end of singed dust. This is a huge benefit for people with allergies or bronchitis.


What will Underfloor Heating bring you?

What will Underfloor Heating bring you? - Free Cooling

Cool your house with the existing floor heating installation. This does require you to have cold water, but this is easy to provide through a cooling unit or the well of a heat pump. Using a heat pump, only the circulation pump needs to run, which means that you hardly incur any costs in cooling your floor.

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