Water Source Heat Pumps

How Water Source Heat Pumps Work

Water source heat pumps work by absorbing the heat from the sun which is stored in bodies of water such as lakes or rivers. A system of flexible pipes containing fluid is laid in water. The fluid absorbs heat from the surrounding water as it passes through the pipe and carries it straight into your home.

High year round water temperatures allow water to water heat pumps to provide very high levels of efficiency with CoP's of 5 or over achievable.

Underground water stores an enormous amount of solar energy which can be extracted at very high levels of energy efficiency by circulating it directly through the heat pump evaporator.

The Benefits of Water Source Heat Pumps:

In addition water source heat pumps are ideal for new builds, highly insulated renovation buildings and houses with underfloor heating.

Water source heat pumps do incur slightly higher installation costs than other types of heat pumps and do require space, good depth and some flow of water to refresh heat collection. Lake Source heat pumps have lower running cost and can capture better temperatures from refreshed water.

The following information check-list would be helpful in assisting us to size your water source heat pump.

HexEnergy Ltd can offer ground source heat pump solutions to both domestic and commercial sectors. Our team has an extensive experience of systems, from 4kW to 200kW and beyond. We offer a complete solution, from handling your enquiry to installing and commissioning your ground source heat pump into your home or premises, with our own skilled team of sales consultants, technical support engineers and installers.

Commercial customers will have the support of our project management team to ensure that the ground source heat pump element of their project is delivered on time. By working with the UK's major construction companies we have gained wide-ranging experience, working on a variety of projects including schools, factories, residential care homes, student accommodation and visitor centres.

Ground source heat pumps offer financial savings over conventional heating methods and our professional design service will ensure that you get the maximum benefit for your building. Ground source heat pumps will significantly save on carbon emissions compared with all other fossil fuels.

Our strength is our reputation in providing professionally designed sustainable energy solutions utilising ground source heat pumps whilst meeting customer energy efficiency needs.

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